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Laura Sterponi

Associate Professor
Institute of Human Development &
Graduate School of Education
UC Berkeley


5643 Tolman Hall
UC Berkeley
Berkeley CA 94720

Tel: 510-642-0287
sterponi (at) berkeley (dot) edu

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:

Sterponi, L. & de Kirby K. (in press). A multidimensional reappraisal of language in autism: insights from a discourse analytic study. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Sterponi, L., de Kirby, K. & Shankey, J. (2015). Rethinking language in autism. Autism, 19(5), 517-526 [PDF]

Sterponi, L. & Shankey, J.  (2014). Rethinking echolalia: Repetition as interactional resource in the communication of a child with autism. Journal of Child Language , 41(2), 275-304 [PDF]

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Sterponi, L. (2008). Reading and meditation in the middle ages: Lectio divina and books of hours. In L. Sterponi (guest editor), The spirit of reading: Practices of reading sacred texts. Special issue of Text & Talk, 28(5), 667-689.  [PDF]


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Santagata, R & Sterponi, L. (2001). Aspetti culturali del discorso a scuola: uno studio delle pratiche educative in classi e famiglie italiane e statunitensi. (Cultural aspects of school discourse: An investigation of educative practices in Italian and U.S. classrooms and families). Rassegna di Psicologia, XVIII, 3, 41-54.


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Book Chapters:

Everri, M. & Sterponi, L. (in press). Co-constructing the adolescent's identity: agency and autonomy as interactional accomplishments. In S. Bagga-Gupta, A. L. Hansen & J. Feilberg (eds.), Identity revised and reimagined. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

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Sterponi, L. & Shankey, J. (2014). Situating communicative (in)competence in (performative) context: Insights from autism. In S. Bornand & C. Leguy (eds.), Compétences et performance. Paris: Karthala. Pp. 205-236  [PDF]


Sterponi, L. (2014). Caught red-handed: how Italian parents engage children in moral discourse and action. In C. Wainryb & H. Recchia (eds.), Talking about right and wrong: parent-child conversations as contexts for moral development. Cambridge University Press. Pp. 122-142   [PDF]

Hull, G., Stornaiulo, A. & Sterponi, L. (2013). Imagined readers and hospitable texts: Global youth connect online. In Alvermann, D.E., Unrau, N.J. & Ruddell, R.B. (eds.), Newark, DE: International Reading Association. Pp. 1208-1240  [PDF]

Sterponi, L. (2011). Literacy socialization. In A. Duranti, E. Ochs, & B.B. Schieffelin (eds.), Handbook of language socialization. Malden, Mass.: Wiley-Blackwell. Pp. 227-246.  [PDF]


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Pontecorvo, C. & Sterponi, L. (2008). Explication et justification dans les séquences de rendre compte (accountability): moralité et raisonnement dans les discours familiaux. In C. Hudelot, A. Salazar Ovig & E. Veneziano (eds.), L'explication. Enjeux cognitifs et interactionnels. Louvain: Peeters Editions. Pp. 245-254.


Sterponi, L. (2007). Voci sussurrate sottobanco: habitus e agentività nelle pratiche di lettura (Whispered voices under the desk: habitus and agency in reading practices). In A. Donzelli & A. Fasulo (a cura di), Agentività nell’interazione umana. Roma: Carocci. Pp. 237-262.  [PDF]


Sterponi, L. & Fasulo, A. (2006). Introduzione. In A. Fasulo & L. Sterponi (eds.), Linguaggio e cultura. L’acquisizione della competenza comunicativa. (Language and culture. The acquisition of conversational competence). Italian translation of a compilation of essays by Elinor Ochs. Roma: Carocci Editore. Pp. 13-24.


Ochs, E. & Sterponi, L. (2003). Analisi delle narrazioni (Narrative analysis). In G. Mantovani and A. Spagnolli (eds.), Metodi qualitativi in psicologia. Bologna: Il Mulino. Pp. 131-158.  [PDF]

Pontecorvo, C., & Sterponi, L. (2002). Learning to argue and reason through discourse in educational settings. In G.Wells and G.Claxton (eds.), Learning for life in the 21th century: Sociocultural perspectives on the future of education. Oxford, UK: Blackwell. Pp. 127-140.  [PDF]

Pirchio, S., Pontecorvo, C. & Sterponi, L. (2002). “Dialogare” nelle conversazioni in famiglia. In C. Bazzanella (ed.), Le forme del dialogo. Milano: Guerini e Associati. Pp. 47-57.

Amendola, S. e Sterponi, L. (1996). Strategie discorsive e forme linguistiche nella socializzazione a tavola (Discursive strategies and linguistic forms.within the socialization at dinner table) In C. Gallo Barbisio (ed.), Trasformazioni e narrazioni. Torino: Editrice Tirrenia Stampatori.



Edited Book & Special Issue:


Sterponi, L. (guest editor) (2008). The spirit of reading: Practices of reading sacred texts. Special Issue of Text & Talk, 28(5).


Fasulo, A. & Sterponi, L. (eds.) (2006). Linguaggio e cultura. L’acquisizione della competenza comunicativa. (Language and culture. The acquisition of conversational competence). Italian translation of a compilation of essays by Elinor Ochs. Roma: Carocci Editore.


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